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Printers with an LCD: How do I print a test page or nozzle check pattern in Standalone mode?


  1. Stylus printers/All-In-One products with an LCD screen.
  2. When the printer is not connected to a computer and have noticed a decline in print quality.
  3. When you want to check the printer operation.



This articles explains how to print a nozzle check pattern/test page from your printer without a computer (i.e. standalone).

Printing a nozzle check

Printing a nozzle check pattern or printing a test page are one and the same. If you can print a nozzle check then the printer must be working and therefore it serves as a test page to confirm the printer's operation.

Follow the steps below to print a nozzle check without a computer:

  1. Power the printer on and make sure the paper is loaded correctly. Also check that no error lights are on or flashing.
  2. Press the Maintenance (or Setup) button.

    Maintenance (or Setup) button

  3. Use the arrow buttons until the menu displays Nozzle Check, Check Ink Nozzles, or Maintenance. If you see Maintenance press OK (or Start) then use the arrow buttons again to find Nozzle Check, then press OK (or Start).

    Start button

  4. This will now print a nozzle check, this pattern should resemble the image below.

    Nozzle check

  5. Examine the pattern ; if there are any segments missing then carry out the head cleaning procedure.

    This procedure can be carried out from the printer control panel, or through the printer driver (Utility or Maintenance in Windows, or the EPSON Printer Utility in Mac OS X).

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