Présentation du papier Fine Art Cotton Epson

David Brenot, photographe de primé et ambassadeur Epson

David Brenot, photographe de mariage primé, célèbre dans le monde entier et ambassadeur Epson, explique pourquoi il utilise le papier Fine Art Cotton Epson pour imprimer ses superbes photos. À l’aspect luxueux, le papier Fine Art Cotton est disponible en brillant ou naturel avec, au choix, une surface lisse ou texturée.

Filmed on location in a picturesque French winery and in his studio, see this renowned photographer at work

With a rich history in digital fine art printing, Epson understands what it takes to produce exceptional Fine Art papers. With a luxurious look and feel, the Fine Art Cotton papers are available in Bright or Natural with a choice of a smooth or textured surface. Perfect for professional photographers and fine artists to give optium results when used with Epson printers and inks. 

French photographer David Brenot specialises in wedding photography because he enjoys creating memories and emotions. Wedding photography is a way of telling a story through a vision, creativity and having inspiration. He looks for the best print quality that will display the vision from his head onto paper in the best possible way. By using Epson's fine art cotton papers (smooth and textured) allows David to choose which type will best suit his photographs.